Shiny new appliance? Well that’s very exciting. There’s nothing more satisfying than stocking up that funky new fridge or taking the new dryer for a tumble. Though when that new appliance lands on your doorstep, there’s a lot more involved than ripping off the wrapping and plugging it in. Appliance installations are trickier than they look.


Sure, your new microwave or smoothie maker is exempt. Plug in and play away! Though large electrical appliances need specialist attention. New stoves will need specialist electrical elements which if you haven’t seen these before, may leave you headscratching. Proper mounting is also important if you don’t want that new oven to come crashing through the cabinets!

Any electrical appliance needs installing safely and efficiently. So, as much as you can’t wait to give that new bit of kit a whirl, sometimes it’s best left to the experts.


Dishwashers and washing machines require specific plumbing accessories to ensure you don’t up with a case of waterworks. Improper installation of a dishwasher could result in a major leak an some serious water damage if the water inlet and drains aren’t hooked up properly. We can help with that. (Show Me.)


Installation of gas appliances should never be attempted yourself. Trsust us on this one. Natural gas is extremely flammable and gets nasty if not dealt with properly. Gas leaks, potential carbon monoxide poisoning and explosions aren’t what you want to be getting involved with when getting to grips with your new gas cooker.

Some appliance installations will also need to be compliant to certain regulations. Use a Gas Safe engineer to be sure.


Wood burning stoves are quite complex to install properly and there are many different types with different requirements.

One way to ensure that you find a properly qualified engineer for the job is to visit the HETAS websiteHETAS are the official body of solid fuel domestic heating appliances and fuels. Recognised by the government, they recommend only qualified installers and services related to solid fuel appliances such as wood burning stoves.


Why? A few reasons…

  • Maximise the performance of your appliance
  • Be sure that you have everything that should come with your new appliance package
  • Get tips from the experts on getting the best use out of your appliance
  • Ensure everything is working as is should be
  • Spot any potential problems with your new purchase or it’s position in your home
  • Save your back from listing heavy appliances into place (you’ll thank us!)
  • Protect your floors and walls from damage – nobody likes tears in the vinyl or wall scuffs from shifting a bulky item into place!

Speak to the team about installation of your new heating, plumbing or gas appliance.