Our latest tips on boiler blunders, heating horrors and updates from the team.


A peek at some of our bathroom beauties and creative kitchens.

Central Heating… We’ve Got You Covered

Investing in a cover package for your boiler or gas central heating not only offers you the peace of mind that everything will be working as it should, but ensures that you have us on call in case anything should go wrong.

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Underfloor Heating | The Low Down

Popular in bathrooms for that cosy ‘just stepped out of the shower’ feel, as well as kitchens,  because the heart of the home should always be warm. Underfloor heating is fast becoming popular…

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Hold Onto Your Heat!

With the winter chill at it’s most fierce, you’ll want to do your best to keep the heat in, so we’ve outlined a few ways to ensure the warmth stays where you want it…

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Plumbing Jargon Explained

We’ve put together an outline of plumbing terms, and what they actually mean, to keep you fully in the loop with your plumbing problems…

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Contemplating Buying A New Boiler?

The heart of any home is the central heating system! Without this system, you are cold in the winter and replacing this important piece of equipment with a new boiler can become expensive.

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How To Bleed A Radiator

Over time, air becomes trapped in your radiator which can block the flow of water. This means cold spots, and a not so cosy feel to your usually toasty room. Bleeding a radiator removes the trapped air to ensure that your heating system is energy efficient. How...

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Relieve The Pressure

Water pressure is a tricky one. Too low, and you're faced with drippy taps and half-hearted showers. Too high, and the strain on your pipes can cause problems with your plumbing later down the line. There’s a fairly wide range for what’s considered too high or low, so...

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What’s Wrong With My Boiler?

An endless supply of hot water and the cosiness of a warm house are things we all take for granted. So when your boiler starts misbehaving, it can quickly throw your routine into chaos. When the boiler is on the blink, the easiest thing to do is call a professional,...

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Playing With Fire | Gas Safe Engineers

In the right hands, gas is perfectly safe. In hands that aren’t necessarily qualified to handle it, things can get nasty. Brits waste £100million a year on correcting work done in their home by unqualified gas engineers, and this work often costs an extra...

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Boiler Maintenance | Why Does It Matter?

Boiler maintenance is crucial because your boiler has a tough job. Not only does it supply you with a plentiful amount of hot water, it keeps your home toasty warm, and you... happy! Just like any other hardworking appliance, it's crucial to keep your boiler...

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