Many homeowners ask this question if they do not know where to start. If you have an existing faulty boiler or one that is dead, this is a great question to ask. Boilers are expensive investments and asking this question is important as you are spending your hard-earned money and need a durable one to last a lifetime.

Here are the best tips on finding the right boiler for your home.


If you are not sure where to find a suitable boiler for your home, the best place is to start right here. When buying a new boiler, the unit needs to be a high-efficient condensing model according to law. Selecting a condensing unit helps to capture heat that goes lost by a normal boiler and reuses it. Choosing a top of the range central heating system will save you money and is 96{0e0fb8a5aa6eb5ab422e76271d7ad8e6a08f0ea3a7e1c2145925669c62b8d39f} efficient.

You can look at the Vaillant Combi range that offers you an amazing 5-year guarantee. We know how frustrating it is to find a suitable one, as there are different factors to consider. Here are helpful tips for you to follow to find the perfect model and brand.


A Combi boiler is one of the best selling units related to gas heating systems in the United Kingdom. The reason for this is that the unit heats water from the mains. There is no need for you to wait for the device to heat the water and available hot out of the tap.

The machines small, priced reasonable and easy to use. Further, the boiler does not use an extra hot water reservoir. You find no cylinder present heating or reheating of the same water when it runs cold. The only problem is when you shower the hot waters interrupted by others when using the water at the same time.

This boiler is suitable for a flat or small home with one bathroom. The other superb thing when buying a Combi boiler is great when you do renovations to a loft with a cold-water tank as you can remove the reservoir for added space.

With the Combi central heating system, you get instant access to hot water without the need of waiting for the unit to warm up. Further, it allows you to enjoy drinkable water throughout the home.


The closed system boiler needs an airing cupboard to store hot water. Although there is an airing, closet this type of system takes up less space than the traditional boiler with an open vent. The components for heating the waters built in the system and installations easier and quicker.

With this boiler, you can use different outlets at the same time to run hot water without disturbing your shower. The best of all is the water pressures excellent. They are great units to have in large homes the only problem is that you will need to wait for the water to heat up. The closed boiler is more expensive but you can free up space.


The open vent boiler makes use of two separate water reservoirs placed in the attic. Further, it uses a hot water cylinder to air the closet and takes up loads of space. The one tanks used to draw water from the mains feeding it through to the storage cylinder.

Once you need water the storage cylinder releases the hot water generated by the boiler to all of the taps found in the home. The second reservoir acts as the feed and contains the right level of water for the heating system. When the heat รญs turned on this tank allows for expansion of the water.

You can use taps simultaneously throughout the home, but you need to remember if you run cold water, the unit takes a time to reheat the water. Switching between an open vent boilers to an open vent sealed boiler is inexpensive but take up loads of space in the attic.

The other problem is the water pressure runs low but you still have drinkable water as it uses a storage system.


One can still find back boilers in certain homes and normally hidden behind a flue with a fire cover. This is not one of the best choices when buying an updated boiler for the home. The main concern with these types of boilers is the low water pressure and takes up loads of space.

They are not energy efficient but in recent years, they have made beneficial improvements to the system and replacing it with your current one can save you on your utility bill. With the back boiler, you can use more than one tap when in need of hot water at the same time. None of the other outlets is affected but it needs two reservoirs and a cylinder placed in an airing cupboard.

The majority of people consider this heating system if they already have one installed but changing to a modern system can take up less space.


Installation costs vary from one heating system to another. You can expect to pay around ยฃ1,500 for a good gas central heating system and much more for the oil type. The boiler itself is expensive, but the installation depending if you need a radiator, heating controls and more can cost you a lot.

Make sure to check special offers or grants when the time comes to have a new boiler system installed. With a grant, you are able to find companies offering you with a buy now รฑ pay later scheme. Some of them even have a interest rate for a limited time.

Others packages they alter according to payments you can afford, but always keep your eyes open as some retailers can charge an interest rate of up to 30{0e0fb8a5aa6eb5ab422e76271d7ad8e6a08f0ea3a7e1c2145925669c62b8d39f} and best to get a loan from your personal bank.