To ensure your central heating system is in tip top condition, you’ll need regular maintenance and servicing. You wouldn’t expect your car to keep moving without a little TLC every so often… your home heating system works the same way.

Investing in a cover package for your boiler or gas central heating not only offers you the peace of mind that everything will be working as it should, but ensures that you have us on call in case anything should go wrong.


  • Detect any potential problems that could cost you more to fix the longer you leave them
  • Avoid unnecessarily high heating bills
  • Keep your home and family safe
  • Maintain your central heating system’s manufacturers warranty
  • Prevent issues with pressure which could lead to pipe strain
  • Ensure your central heating system is working to full potential
  • Avoid costly future repairs and replacements
  • Add value to your home with potential buyers or tenants
  • Peace of mind should you need to call us out
  • Limit liability with a Gas Safety certificate

Our selection of Boiler and Heating cover packages mean you can opt for the right cover for you, leaving out the stuff you don’t need, and making the most of what you do…

Speak to the team about what our options include, or click here for more.