The heart of any home is the central heating system! Without this system, you are cold in the winter and replacing this important piece of equipment with a new boiler can become expensive.

Are you contemplating in buying a new boiler and thinking about what the cost of a new boiler is? Here we help you with important information on what to look at before replacing your old one with a newer model.

What is the right boiler to use in your home?

There are different boilers you can buy. The popular heating system is the Combi boiler. This boiler heats water from the mains, keeps a constant supply of hot water, and eliminates the need of buying a separate water tank.

The Combi is efficient as it only heats water on demand, but there are other types available for the home, including back boilers and conventional ones. They come in all shapes and sizes. Here you can find a list of different boilers.

Combi Boiler:

  • Requires no loft space in the home and compact in size – suitable for small properties
  • Needs less pipe work and makes installation affordable
  • Gives you a constant flow of warm water from the mains

System Boiler:

  • The System Boilers suitable for a home with more than one bathroom
  • Need no added loft tank and saves on space
  • As it does not need an expansion reservoir, it makes the unit more efficient when used
  • Gives you a constant supply of warm water to more than one tap

Conventional Boiler:

  • This heating system is perfect for buildings where you need to use a lot of hot water at the same time
  • Suitable for the large home with more than two bathrooms
  • Needs a added loft for storing the cold and hot water tank

Costs of a New Boiler

Boilers do not come cheap and prices vary according to the brand, size, and type of boiler you buy. Boiler costs can range from £500 to £2,500. The important thing is to get all the facts before replacing your old one with a newer model.

Here is a list of different costs according to the boilers you can buy:

  • The Combi Boiler: replacing an existing boiler with a mid range one £2,500
  • System Boiler: prices vary between £3,000 to £5,700
  • Conventional Boiler: between £2,500 – £3,500

Further, you need to consider the different fuel types available and can buy from electric, oil, biomass, and gas boilers.

Other concerns to take into account:

Replacing and old heating system with a new one taking the cost of the unit and installation into consideration you may thank the new boiler it will become more energy efficient. The other important thing is how long it will take to make back the cost of the new heating system and will it save you money in the end.

Is the upgrade worthwhile? If you plan to replace an old model with one of the latest additions on the market you can save money on your utility bill as the costs for replacement outweighs the savings you make.

The following estimations worked out on a gas-powered unit that uses an average of 17252 kWh gas per annum @ a cost of £666 per annum. Not only is a new unit cost saving on the utility bill it adds value to your home.

When is it the right time to buy a new boiler?

You can consider replacing your old boiler with a new one if:

  • The boiler is not cost-efficient to repair.
  • The old boiler does not control the heating this happens when controls or timer is not flexible and does not consist of a thermostat. The latest models include thermostats controlling heating saving money or you can install new controls.
  • The unit in the home has a dry cycle ñfound in older heating systems. The heating stays on while the home already has the temperature set by the thermostat and does not switch off. Instead, it sends heat to the overflow radiator and causes energy wastage.
  • The pilot light burns all the time and wastes gas.
  • You have a boiler standing on the floor and not fixed to the wall as older models placed on the floor is less energy-efficient.
  • Engineers G-rated the boiler.
  • You plan to sell your home or busy renovating ñ a modern boiler can add value to the property.

Things to consider before buying a new boiler

Buying a new boiler is a big investment and takes time for the unit to make money back. Here are affordable ways you can save money on your heating bill:

  • Service the boiler regularly ñ this helps to make the unit run savings major repair costs.
  • If you can add insulation to the loft, walls and make the home draught-proof.
  • Insulate the windows preventing drafts from entering the building.
  • Replace the thermostat, thermostat radiator valve; add a new timer and radiator.
  • Change from electricity/gas or vice versa paying lower costs.