Woodburning stoves not only offer that real fire warmth you just don’t get from central heating, they also have become a super stylish addition to homes throughout the UK.

A number of government incentives currently encourage homeowners to switch to wood fuelled heating, with contributions towards installation costs for those a little light on the finances.

Whilst there’s the cost of the wood itself to consider, buying a wood burning stove can actually save on the spiralling heating costs many of us face with modern heating appliances.

Let’s take a look…


Replacing your gas central heating with a wood burning stove could save up to £90 per year. This saving will naturally increase as gas prices continue to rise.


If your home is heated with electricity then your savings can amount to £630 per year dependant on your energy supplier and tarrif.


Homes heated with oil can enjoy savings of up to £270 per year by opting for a wood burning alternative.

The initial installation costs are naturally going to be a factor, though over the long term, using a wood burner could save you a significant amount of cash, not to mention doing your bit for the environment. Everybody wins!

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