In the right hands, gas is perfectly safe. In hands that aren’t necessarily qualified to handle it, things can get nasty.

Brits waste £100million a year on correcting work done in their home by unqualified gas engineers, and this work often costs an extra 25{0e0fb8a5aa6eb5ab422e76271d7ad8e6a08f0ea3a7e1c2145925669c62b8d39f} on top of the original quote overall, according to a survey by Gas Safe Register.

Their research found that one in three people would trust a tradesman to take care of their gas installations, repairs and services, purely on recommendation friends and family. We’re shocked. Because does your friends’ Grandma really know what a fully qualified gas engineer looks like? Five times as many people would take a recommendation based on trust, rather than do a little homework and check that the engineer they’re using is registered, qualified and safe.

So, it’s no surprise that one in six homes in the North West are considered to have unsafe gas appliances.

The Gas Safe Register is in place to ensure that when you need a qualified gas engineer, you get the very best in the business. By law all qualified gas engineers must be on the Gas Safe Register and will carry a Gas Safe ID card. We’re proud to say that we have both.

If your gas appliances (ovens, cookers and boilers) are not installed and serviced by an adequately skilled engineer, your home is at risk of fire, explosion, gas leaks and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Sure, you may be tempted to plump for a friend of a friend (to do ’em a favour), or go with the cheapest option (because we all like to make a saving here and there). But when  it comes to the safety  of your home, and your family, sometimes only the best will do.

We don’t cut corners, and neither should you. We’ll install, repair and service your gas appliances to the highest standard (it’s the only way we know!), to ensure your home stays safe. Our selection of  home care and cover options make it easy to choose the service levels that work for you, and we’ll even call you each year to remind you when your service is due. We’re good like that.

A few tips on what to check when choosing your gas engineer:




  • Don’t go off first impressions. Just because an engineer looks the part, speaks the lingo and comes recommended by a friend shouldn’t mean you go ahead without a little digging. Ask for the Gas Safe Register ID card. It’s the only way you can guarantee that your engineer is legally allowed to work on your gas boiler, gas fire or cooker.
  • Check the back of the Gas Safe Register ID to see that the engineer is registered to carry out the work required. If they’re registered to fit gas boilers, it doesn’t mean they are necessarily qualified to install your gas fire.
  • You can also check a gas engineer is registered by visiting Gas Safe Register.