Don’t play with fire… get it checked.

Get It Checked.

Gas is a complicated beast. Handled properly, it’ll give you no hassle. Though in the wrong hands, things can quickly take a nasty turn. If your gas appliances (ovens, fires, cookers, grills and boilers) are not checked regularly by an adequately skilled engineer, your home is at risk of fire, explosion, gas leaks and carbon monoxide poisoning.

If you’re concerned something isn’t right, or you can’t even recall the last time your gas appliances were safety checked, our team of gas engineers are happy to carry out a full inspection of your appliances to check that they meet current safety regulations.

We’ll have a good look and ensure that everything is working as it should, plus highlight anything that doesn’t sit well with us.

We don’t cut corners and neither should you. Our inspections are completed to the highest standard (it’s the only way we know!), to ensure your home stays safe. Our selection of home care and cover options also make it easy to choose the service levels that work for you and we’ll even call you each year to remind you when your service is due. We’re nice like that.

If you’re on the hunt for a gas safety engineer, do your homework… Don’t Play With Fire… Get It Checked.

Say hello and book your consultation today.

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