For warmth, cosiness and happier pockets.

After a hard day’s graft, nothing beats coming back to the cosy comforts of home.

So if your home isn’t feeling quite as toasty as you’d like it, or your heating system is giving you grief, speak to our team of experts about our heating services and we can put it right.

From gas safety checks to installations of your shiny new gas appliances, heating repairs and modern home heating controls… we offer a variety of home heating services, so whatever you need to keep cosy, we’re ready to assist.

Take a look around to see the range of heating services we can help with, or give us a call to discuss your heat-related hassles.

Heating Hints & Tips

We’ve outlined a few top tips on cutting your heating bills for a warmer home and a happier pocket!

Central Heating… We’ve Got You Covered

Investing in a cover package for your boiler or gas central heating not only offers you the peace of mind that everything will be working as it should, but ensures that you have us on call in case anything should go wrong.

Underfloor Heating | The Low Down

Popular in bathrooms for that cosy ‘just stepped out of the shower’ feel, as well as kitchens,  because the heart of the home should always be warm. Underfloor heating is fast becoming popular…

Hold Onto Your Heat!

With the winter chill at it’s most fierce, you’ll want to do your best to keep the heat in, so we’ve outlined a few ways to ensure the warmth stays where you want it…