Warmth at your fingertips.

You’re driving home from work after a long day, dreaming of putting your feet up, a nice cup of tea and getting snug on the sofa. So, why not get the house toasty before you even set foot in the door?

Our team of trained heating engineers can install your smart or wireless home heating control system, allowing you not only to save on the unnecessary cost of heating your home when you’re not in it… but also to turn up the heat at the push of a button.

You’ll have full control of your central heating system no matter where you are, conveniently controlled from your mobile or tablet.


What’s Hot About Home Heating Controls?

  • You can be sure that your home stays at the temperature you want it to be… just how you like it.
  • You can control the central heating so that it isn’t running when you’re out, bu comes on and warms the house in time for when you return.
  • You can heat only the parts of the house that you’re using to the temperature that suits you best.

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