Protect your home from the elements.

Selling Your House?

If you’re putting your home up for sale, it’s a good idea to get a gas safety certificate (CP12). Potential buyers will want to be sure that the appliances you leave behind are safe, effective and will keep the house warm.

This is why many homeowners and estate agencies take advantage of our New Homeowner Gas Safety Certificate service. This certificate can add real value to the sale of your home.

Basic covers includes thorough checks on two gas appliances. If required, we’ll check additional gas appliances whilst we’re with you for a discounted fixed price. All of our gas safe checks are carried out by an experienced, qualified gas safe registered heating engineer, so you can be sure you’re in good hands, before putting your home into someone else’s.

Boiler Certificates

Landlords are legally obliged (in accordance with Gas Safety Regulations 1998) to get a gas safety certificate (CP12) every twelve months. As the boiler inspection represents a major part of this safety check, many landlords choose us to issue the certificate.

The starting fee for our gas safety certificates covers checks on two gas appliances and additional gas appliances can be checked once we are on site for a discounted fixed price. Remember: all of our gas safe checks are carried out by an experienced, qualified Gas Safe registered heating engineer.