Leave the set-up to us…

Shiny new appliance? Well that’s very exciting. There’s nothing more satisfying than stocking up that funky new fridge or taking the new dryer for a tumble.

Once you’ve purchased your new appliance, you’ll need it to be installed. So simply let us know when it will be delivered and one of our certified plumbers will come out to install it the very same day.

Our team are fully trained to install a wide range of home appliances, and we’ll do it at a time that works for you. We work carefully, so we won’t leave behind any water leaks,  scuffs to your kitchen units or runaway missing parts!

If you ask us nicely, we’ll even help you figure out how to operate your new appliance over a cup of tea. Get the kettle on, we’ll be round shortly…

Need A Little Help Setting Up?