It’s a tad nippy out there. So as a landlord, you’ll want to be sure that your tenants are cosy warm, to avoid midnight phone calls when the pipes burst or the heating packs in!

Protecting your home from potential heating hazards will be a worthwhile job… keeping your tenants happy and preventing a panicked search for a plumber when you’re busy.

So we’ve put together a few handy tips to protect your properties pipes and avoid any nasty surprises for your tenants during the cold snap…


As temperatures drop, the mercury in your radiators can struggle to rise, leading to a freezing of the water inside your property’s pipework. The result? Burst pipes, lots of water, damage to your furniture, disgruntled tenants and a dent in your pocket!

Protect your pipes using foam insulation tubes, which you can easily pick up from most DIY shops. This will help to insulate the pipes and protect them as the temperature drops. Cut the foam to the length of the pipe and wrap it around. Hold in place with duct tape so it stays firm.


We’re all guilty of letting a few leftovers fall down the sink. Though a build up of grease, oil and food debris can settle in your pipes, potentially coagulating into one greasy mess in cold temperatures. Nice.

Ask your tenants to avoid throwing leftover oil down the drain to prevent clogging, which will back the pipes up and cause some serious smells. Most of us will admit to not wanting to leg it into the garden to throw out the waste when it’s tipping down. So ensure there’s a food disposal bin available to prevent tenants from chucking food bits down the plughole… even pesky small pieces can get lodged in the depths below.


Leave the garden hose unattached before the cold weather hits. Close the valve on all pipes connected to it also, and drain any residual water from hosepipes to protect them for when you get back to attending to that garden in the summer.


Large rooms, cellars and garages can make for pretty draughty spaces. Protect from draughts by insulating your rooms.  If your hot water supply line gets too cold, it could freeze. Seek out the supply lines and put a stop to any draughts nearby. Your tenants will thank you for keeping their heating costs down!