As a landlord or agent, you’ll want to protect your investment, as well as your reputation by ensuring your tenants’ health and safety is a priority. A home safety certificate can do just that.

Potential renters and buyers will want to be sure that the appliances in their new home are safe, effective and will last the distance.

Home safety certificates can add real value to the sale of a home and reassurance to potential tenants with an eye on your property.

They come in many forms..

Gas Safety Certificates

Landlords are legally obliged (in accordance with Gas Safety Regulations 1998) to get a gas safety certificate (CP12) every twelve months. As the boiler inspection represents a major part of this safety check too.

Our gas safety certificates include thorough checks on two gas appliances. If required, we’ll check additional gas appliances whilst we’re with you for a discounted fixed price. All of our gas safe checks are carried out by an experienced, qualified gas safe registered heating engineer, so you can be sure you’re in good hands, before putting your home into someone else’s.

Electrical Safety Certificates

Electrical safety certificates include inspections to seek out potentially hazardous circuits or equipment. This weeds out any potential shock hazards or fire risks and ensures all electrical items are on top form.

They’re not always required by law, but a great idea if you’re keen to offer peace of mind.

Reasons To Get Your Safety Certificates

  • It’s the law. Yeah, there’s no way around it if it’s a legal requirement. Get it done.
  • As a landlord, you have a duty of care for the people within your property. Take the necessary measures to ensure they are safe.
  • Add value. Potential tenants and buyers will be reassured to know all safety measures are in place and up to date.
  • Save money. By conducting a thorough inspection, our engineers will be able to look out for any potential hazards that could cost you down the line.
  • Limit liability. When safety certificates are properly maintained, landlords have legal proof to demonsrate that they’ve done all they can to protect their property… and people.  Should there be a fire, damage to the property or injury sustained, a safety certificate will show that you as a landlord complied with all regulations.

Speak to us about safety certificates for your property, and protect your investment in order to seal the deal. Take Me There…