Remember the old homes with their built-in fireplaces, you do! They are great to have during the cold winter month giving you warmth and create a romantic atmosphere just as in the movies. However, they are dusty and difficult to keep clean. You need to polish them up with special liquids and labour exhaustive. This is where the wood-burning stove has many advantages compared to the built-in fireplace and can have disadvantages. The wood burner is stylish, heats the entire house, and is more economical.

Here we include the best tips on buying a wood-burning stove for you home with great benefits to make your choice an easy one.


It is summer, and you may not be thinking of heating the home now, but did you know the hot weather and enjoying the outdoors is soon to change. This is the best time to consider buying a heating system to warm up your place.

You may believe buying a normal heater is perfect, but have you thought of buying a wood-burning stove? They add style to the home and keep you warm on those chilly evenings. These units are effective and heat more than one room in the home. Further, it is a great substitute for that small traditional heater or the central heating system.

Now you are all excited about buying one of these amazing devices there are important things you need to consider. Here with us, you can find helpful tips to make a wise decision before buying one.

What is a wood-burning stove?

The other names for a wood burning stove are a wood burner or log burner. This equipment burns wood fuel or wood-derived biomass fuel (wood pellets.) To ensure the combustion gases drawn out of the fire chamber and up the flue, the chimney gases must be hotter than the outside temperature.

Can you cook on a wood burning stove?

Yes and depend on the stove you buy. Making use of a wood burner allows food to heat faster when the pan is hot. You can use any pot or pan on a log burner and recommend you use cast iron. Using a thinner walled pan or pot cooks food faster but cast iron is long lasting and once warmed up keeps the heat inside and uses less fuel.

First Step:

You need to decide where you are going to use this stove in the family room, living room, or kitchen. Wood burning stoves come in different sizes from small to large and are a great investment to make. They heat up the home and can a cooker as well. They are great to have as it makes use of fossil fuels.

The only problem is that during summer months when cooking it can heat up the home. Buying a living room wood burning stove is more compact, has a smaller boiler, and can leave it unlit during the warm months. Other important considerations are as follow:

  • Consider the thermal output you need ñ buying from a reputable manufacturer will include the heat output in kilowatts. Taking the room size and construction of the house into consideration determines the output needed.
  • Do you live in a smoke-free area if you are you can still buy a DEFRA approved wood burner and enjoy cooking and keeping your home warm?


Second Step:

After considering the above steps, the second steps to decide the type of stove as you can buy them in the following styles:

  • The traditional Victorian wood-burning stove
  • A Dutch tiles stove
  • Modern to sleek made with steel and has art deco engraved on it or
  • The enamelled pieces

There is a variety of models and brands available and start from £300 and up. The great thing is that you will save on your heating bill and it adds value to your home.


Everyone these days are concerned about the carbon footprint, as electricity and gas become more expensive. This is where the wood-burning stove in the home is more economical to use, as it is an environmentally friendly option with the latest renewable (such as timber) resources available. The great thing is that carbons emitted with the replacement trees making for an efficient carbon cycle.

A Money Saver ñ Compared to electricity and gas becoming more expensive, wood is cheaper. With a kilowatt of heat used per hour in a wood burner, it saves you a 5th of the cost of kWh of electricity and a 3rd of the cost when using gas or oil. Further, it reduces your heating bill and makes for a great radiator when used in the living room or kitchen saving loads of money a year. You can pick up wood next to nothing from a local joiner or builder but check the local regulations. You can buy compressed sawdust logs and a great way to use up waste that lands up on the landfill.

Adds Value to a Home ñ Not only does a log burner keep your place warm they look stylish and becomes the focal point adding character to the room. The modern unitís available fits in with any room decor and you can choose from a classic to a contemporary one.

Ambience ñ Get snug indoors in the comfort of your home when cold outdoors. The wood burner adds ambience with the roaring flames dancing around on the walls and ceiling and is great after a long day of work.

Energy Efficient ñ Using and open fireplace is 20{0e0fb8a5aa6eb5ab422e76271d7ad8e6a08f0ea3a7e1c2145925669c62b8d39f} to 25{0e0fb8a5aa6eb5ab422e76271d7ad8e6a08f0ea3a7e1c2145925669c62b8d39f} efficient while a wood burning stove is 80{0e0fb8a5aa6eb5ab422e76271d7ad8e6a08f0ea3a7e1c2145925669c62b8d39f} energy efficient.

Environmentally friendly ñ everyone is eco aware and looking for friendlier ways to reduce the carbon footprint. The wood burning stove is the best way to help the environment as wood is a neutral fuel. The fact is that it still gives off carbon dioxide but is equal to the amount consumed by the replacement trees that absorb this carbon dioxide leaving us with oxygen to breath.

Enjoy quality time with the family ñ with the log burner warming up your home, it makes for family fun times. Enjoy relaxing with family & friends watching movies, playing games, having a meal together and more. Another great thing is sourcing the wood to fuel the burner and can be a fun activity finding fallen dead trees or waste wood lying around in the forest. This is where the entire family can enjoy an outing outdoors the important things to check the regulations in the neighbourhood before doing this.

The wood burner gives an effective heat output – The great advantage is that a wood burner gives off tremendous heat to warm up any apartment or home. This means that a room heats up fast. You can buy log burners in different sizes depending on the room you use it.

They are Reliable when winter comes with unforeseen power cuts at times and the wood burning stoves reliable, as it needs no electricity. Compared to a fireplace they are pretty and functional as it has a variable airflow that you can control the heat. The air wash system keeps the glass door clean and others have back boilers. With a back burner, you can run a single radiator to a complete central heating system and hot water system. This all depends on the size of the wood burner you buy.


A wood burning stove has many advantages compared to the disadvantages. As with any product used, here are the cons related to this amazing tool:

  • You need a constant supply of wood
  • Certain types of stoves can take up loads of space depending on the size and you need storage space for the fuel
  • If you choose an automated wood chip model it needs to be monitored closely for jams and system shutdowns

As you can see, using a wood-burning stove in the home is beneficial as it saves you money, builds fond memories with others, warms up the entire home, and is environmentally friendly. RJM are expert wood-burning stove installers and will be able to scope out your installation very quickly, read about our service and get in touch with one of the team here