When purchasing a shiny new wood burning stove, you’ll naturally be excited to get it up and running. Like most household appliances, installing your new wood burner may look like a piece of cake. Though, get it wrong and you could put your home at risk.

Wood burning stoves are quite complex to install properly and there are many different types with different requirements.

One way to ensure that you find a properly qualified engineer for the job is to visit the HETAS website; HETAS are the official body of solid fuel domestic heating appliances and fuels. Recognised by the government, they recommend only qualified installers and services related to solid fuel appliances such as wood burning stoves.

We’re HETAS accredited. In a nutshell, this means we’ve undergone extensive training and product learning to carry about the installation of solid fuel appliances (including log & wood burning stoves). We were trained and certified by HETAS to install, service, maintain and offer guidance on getting the very best out of your wood burner.

All HETAS registered installers should be able to produce a HETAS ID card. If you’d like to take a peek at ours, don’t be shy… just ask.