Common Boiler Problems and What to Do

Published on July 13, 2021

Gas Safe Plumber

Having your boiler stop working is incredibly frustrating; your boiler and heating system is an essential part of your day-to-day life, so when yours breaks down, we appreciate how stressful that can be. For boiler breakdowns, it’s best to call a professional heating engineer you can trust to help fix any issues and get your heating back up and running.

That’s why at RJM Homecare we provide expert service with our Premium and Advanced Homecare Cover so that any issues are swiftly dealt, by our friendly and highly professional Gas Safe registered engineers, within 24 hours guaranteed! No excess, no extra charges… just peace of mind.

We’ve put together this quick summary of some of the most common boiler problems that could occur to help provide some clarity on some of the issues. If you have any questions about your boiler or heating system please don’t hesitate to contact us – one of our friendly team members is always on hand to answer any of your concerns.

Typical Boiler Issues:

There’s No Hot Water And No Heating

If power is being supplied to your boiler and there’s no issue with your fuel supply (e.g. gas supplier or fuel storage tank)… and there’s no heating and no hot water then the first place to look is on the display panel of your boiler to check if an error code is showing. Also, check your thermostat settings are set correctly. Some potential sources of this issue could be: low boiler pressure; frozen condensate pipe; or a fault with the pilot light in the case of older boilers.

Look out for water leaks and always contact a professional Gas Safe registered heating engineer for assistance.

There’s Hot water But No Heating

A common issue is having hot water but no heating. This could be an issue with the boiler pressure being too low or an indication that you have a broken diaphragm and airlock, or an issue with diverter or motorised valves. Check the boiler pressure gauge; if it’s below 1 then your boiler may need more pressure. Check your boiler manufacturer’s instruction guide for reference on the recommended pressure level (typically between 1 and 2). If the pressure level looks in order and your thermostat is working, then a professional repair is likely required. Always make sure that you choose a heating company that is Gas Safe registered and provides a professional service you can trust.

Boiler Is Leaking Water

A leaking boiler is potentially a major issue as it’s most likely caused by a problem with an internal component, such as a worn-out pump seal or an issue with the pressure valve. A leak could be caused by a poor installation, an internal fault or corroded pipes and could be a sign you need a new boiler. If you are noticing water around your boiler, you should contact a Gas Safe registered heating engineer immediately.

Hearing strange noises

If you are hearing a strange noise emanating from your boiler, similar to that of a kettle boiling, then it could be an indication of limescale build-up. This can be an easy fix, and your engineer will be able to flush the system and remove the deposits. If you are hearing other strange sounds, it is best to speak with a Gas Safe engineer as soon as possible. Choose a reputable Gas Safe registered heating engineer to help repair the issue promptly.

Need your boiler repaired?

Experiencing a boiler breakdown is very frustrating, but here at RJ Martindale Ltd, our dedicated engineers are here to help you. We offer Boiler repair and servicing to homeowners across Bolton, so if you are having issues with your boiler, get in touch with us today. We also offer RJM Homecare Cover to protect you from costly repair costs – visit for more information or give us a call on 07401 077791.

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