How to choose your boiler cover

Published on July 14, 2021

Boiler Installation

Boiler cover is similar to the insurance that you might take out on a car. It gives you the assurance that if your boiler stops working, an engineer will be sent out quickly, so you won’t have long to wait without central heating or hot water.

Most policies include emergency call-outs, boiler repairs, or a replacement if it’s not economical to fix. But not all providers offer the same level of protection and it’s easy to get caught out. Our guide on how to choose your boiler cover has everything you need to know before you buy.


Things to consider

Narrow down your search for the best deal on boiler cover with our checklist of questions.

1. What level of cover do you need?

Before you decide on a policy, check to make sure it has everything you need.

Most providers offer different levels of cover, from basic up to more advanced packages. As a rough guide it should include:

  • an annual service
  • emergency call outs
  • boiler repairs
  • boiler replacement if it can’t be fixed


We recommend finding a provider that offers an annual service as standard. Having your boiler routinely checked, helps to identify minor faults early before they become dangerous problems. If you have a new boiler, then you’ll need to get it serviced at least once a year by an accredited engineer to protect its warranty.


2. How old is your boiler?

If your boiler is over ten years old, check to make sure your chosen provider will cover it. Not all companies pay out for older boilers, and those that do will often put a limit on the amount they will contribute towards repairs.

Likewise, some don’t cover certain types of boilers, such as oil-fired or solid fuel, so before you sign up, check that your boiler will be supported. At RJM Homecare, our highly-skilled engineers are trained to work across combi, gas, and electric boilers. Whatever make or model, we cover it.

3. Are emergency call-outs included?

Most people take out boiler cover for peace of mind, knowing that they won’t be left without hot water or central heating… To avoid disappointment, check that your chosen policy includes emergency call-outs 365 days a year, and that there are no additional call out charges.

4. Do you have to pay an excess?

When considering how to choose your boiler cover, look for a policy with unlimited repairs and no excess to pay. Some big companies limit the number of times they will come out to repair your boiler, so check in advance there is no cap on the amount of help they will provide, and no excess to pay.

5. What else do you want cover for?

If you want to insure additional appliances in your home, look for a provider that offers extended packages, such as those that include boiler, plumbing and heating cover. Take a look at what’s on offer, you could save money by taking out a comprehensive policy, that covers you for more than just your boiler.

Our extensive ‘advanced care’ package, includes your:

  • boiler and boiler controls
  • central heating system
  • gas pipes
  • plumbing pipework
  • electrics
  • toilet


So, if you need help fixing a water leak, then we’ve got you covered!


Boiler cover – is it worth it?

On average it costs between £200 to £500 to repair a boiler, and upwards of £2000 to replace it. Add in the cost of calling out an engineer, and if your boiler breaks down you could find yourself being landed with a sizeable bill that you weren’t expecting.

Boiler cover is an affordable way of insuring yourself against this cost, with fixed, regular payments over a year. Not only is this more manageable, but if you need to make a claim it can work out cheaper than paying for your boiler to be repaired in one lump sum.

If you include an annual boiler service in your package, you could also save money. Consumer website, Which? recommends servicing your boiler every year to prolong its life and avoid unnecessary repair bills.

The real value of boiler cover comes from the peace of mind in knowing that if you find yourself without central heating or hot water, you won’t have long to wait for an engineer to get your boiler back up and running again.


Why Choose RJM Homecare for your boiler cover?

When thinking about how to choose your boiler cover, you might be tempted to go straight to your energy provider, but typically they are more expensive. Forbes Advisor recommends shopping around for the best deal on standalone policies. At RJM Homecare, we offer affordable cover with no excess to pay and unlimited repairs.

Our plans start from £6.50 per month for our ‘annual care’ package that includes a carbon monoxide test and an annual service. In fact, we so strongly believe that an annual service is a much-needed safety check, that we include it as standard in all our packages.

We are a family company serving the Bolton and Greater Manchester area, and our exceptional customer service is what sets us apart from our competitors. Our customers are so impressed with our service that they consistently rate us highly, and we have over 150 five-star reviews on Google.

Where we include breakdown assistance, we guarantee to come out within 24 hours, so you’re not left wondering when an engineer will arrive to look at your boiler.

With our engineers you’re in safe hands – not only are they trained to the highest standards but they’re also Gas-Safe accredited. So, if you have new gas appliances, your manufacturer’s warranty won’t be affected.


Next steps

Unsurprisingly your boiler is more likely to break down when you least want it to and the thought of spending days waiting for an engineer is enough to make savvy homeowners think again about taking out quality boiler cover.

No hot water, let alone no heating, makes a family home unusable for many. We’ve covered the essentials on how to choose your boiler cover, but everyone’s circumstances are different, so our friendly team are here to help. Visit our Boiler Cover page to find out more about RJM Homecare and choose a plan that’s right for you.

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