The complete guide to megaflo cylinders

Published on August 2, 2021

Megaflo Cylinders

Everything you need to know about megaflo cylinders

Megaflo heating systems are becoming increasingly popular for homeowners but just what is it about them that makes them so desirable?

If you’re not sure what a megaflo cylinder actually is or whether it’s a good option for you, then we are here to give you the lowdown on everything you need to know about megaflow cylinders and how they work.


What is a megaflo cylinder?

A megaflo cylinder is a stainless-steel based hot water storage cylinder. The megaflow system is incorporated into the home’s central heating system and will store and maintain hot water throughout the home.

The megaflo was first created by Heatrae Sadia back in 1993 and has gone on to become a big award-winning contender in the unvented hot water cylinder market.


How does a megaflo cylinder work?

The megaflo cylinder is an unvented cylinder. There are two main types of megaflo unvented hot water cylinders: direct and indirect.

Direct unvented cylinders

With a direct unvented cylinder system, water is supplied directly from the home water mains. Using a direct or immersion heater built into the design of the cylinder, this is how it heats up the water.

Indirect unvented cylinders

With an indirect unvented cylinder system, hot water is obtained via an external source such as a home boiler. A coil built into the cylinder that maintains the temperature as set by the thermostat on the cylinder.
As the hot water is upset up, the boiler will then refill the cylinder with more hot water.

Note: you should not have your immersion switch on at the same time as your boiler.


What are the benefits of a megaflo cylinder?

Megaflo cylinders operate using an unvented system which makes the need for a cold water tank unnecessary. There are a number of reasons as to why the megaflo cylinder system is a good one to have in your home.

Lower risk of contamination

As water will not be sitting stagnant in a cold water storage tank, this reduces the risk of contamination and dirt built-up.

Installation can be anywhere in the home

The megalo cylinder is very easy to install, maintain and replace if necessary. It can be installed pretty much anywhere in the home and the pressure of the water in the system will stay the same, even if it’s being used in several areas within the home.

Safety features

The megaflo cylinder is designed with a number of safety features that will leave homeowners with peace of mind. One key safety feature of the megaflo cylinder is that it will power off once it reaches the desired temperature and inside it contains a valve that drains out water to reduce pressure.

No need for a tank

The fact that a cold water storage tank is redundant with the megaflo cylinder means that you will be able to save more space in your home with this system.


What are the drawbacks of a megaflo cylinder?

No backup storage

As the megaflo cylinder uses water from the main water supply, then this means that there is no cold water storage as a backup.

The pressure of the main water supply will affect the flow rate

The megaflo cylinder system relies on water pressure from the mains to deliver hot water but if your main water supply doesn’t have a very strong pressure then this can affect the flow of the water throughout the home.

The megaflo can create a lot of pressure and some pipework may not have a strong enough design to cope with it, which may mean that replacement pipes are required.

Can be noisy

The megaflo cylinder system can be a bit noisier due to the velocity of the water flow through the pipes.


Is the megaflo cylinder long-lasting?

The durability of the megaflo cylinder is largely dependent on where you live as certain parts of the country have a harder water supply than others.

If you live in an area that is prone to hard water, this can lead to a limescale build-up on pipework.

Fortunately the megaflo cylinder is made of premium-quality stainless steel which boosts its longevity and efficiency.


Is the megaflo cylinder powerful?

The megaflo cylinder system is designed for larger households that need a lot of hot water and good water flow. The megaflo cylinder provides a constant and steady water pressure and will not drop like traditional boiler systems.


What warranty can I get with a megaflo cylinder?

Having a good warranty for your heating system is important, especially when so many households suffer with hard water in the area they live in. Megaflo hot water cylinders come with a 25-year warranty although other components in an unvented boiler system may have a shorter warranty.


How do I install a megaflo cylinder?

If you want to have the megaflo cylinder installed in your home, then you should seek the help of a specialist gas safe registered engineer who is equipped to conduct repairs, replacements and installations with ease.

RJ Martindale provide a range of boiler and plumbing services. If you require a megaflo cylinder installation, get in touch with us today.

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